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Lauren DeLong [See Her Tonight]


Lauren DeLong plays games on CSI:NY

9 pm EST, CBS

“I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person,” declared regular gal Lauren DeLong in a 2009 Microsoft ad. That was enough for this hot redhead to capture the hearts of a million geeks–although some of those faint hearts were outraged after learning that computer consumer Lauren was also a professional actress. The reliable redhead had already stolen scenes in a few films, including a hot turn in the 2007 horror movie 99 Pieces. Now Lauren is out to get geeky again in tonight’s episode of CSI:NY. She guests in an episode about murder amongst video-gamers, and the brave beauty certainly knows something about angry tech folk. The internet fallout from that Microsoft ad has still left her shy about social networks. We can’t stay mad at a face like that, though, and we’re longing for Lauren to keep working steadily. Forget Macs vs. PCs–Lauren is the kind of beauty who could bring peace to the Middle East.

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