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Dwight Howard, How’s That Decision To Stay In Orlando Working Out? [VIDEO]


Yesterday had to be one of the more embarrassing days for Dwight Howard this season. After realizing that he just bent over for the media, Dwight tried to deflect any and all questions with talk of the importance of beating the NY Knicks. Yeah, well last night the Magic┬ásmacked by the Knicks. Again. If you’re an Orlando Magic fan, you have got to know that there is absolutely no way that Dwight is staying put next year. None. Zip. Zero. And you know what? If I was a Magic fan, I’d say “good riddance.” The dude is unfortunately a travesty and a cancer, there’s no way the Orlando Magic can win the way that they are. Shaq is 100% on target when he says that Andrew Bynum is best center in the league.

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