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Body Part Value: Chinese Teen Sells Kidney for iPhone


Would you give your right arm to have a brand-spanking, new iPhone – literally? What about a kidney? Would you give your kidney for the latest Apple telecommunication technology system equipped with Siri? Well in China, 5 people have been arrested in connection to a Chinese teen selling his human organs – you know those things that operate your body – so he could purchase the latest iPad and iPhone. (“Siri, direct me to the nearest kidney transplant center and Apple store!”) The youth walked away smiling – with $3,500 stuffed into his wallet for donating of one of his functional kidneys. He proceeded to purchase a new iPhone and iPad2. The doctor, medical staff, and other accomplices received $35,000 for the sale of the kidney. Highly frowned upon, the crew was later charged  with intent to harm in the case.

Meanwhile, the 17-year old not only got his iDevices but he now suffers from progressively worsening kidney failure. (Is there an app for that?) I believe this is simply a sign of natural selection – at it’s finest? How will  this boy feel when the iPhone 5 rolls out in June? Will it be time to give up the other kidney?

This whole scenario begs the question: What is the market body part value for Apple products? Don’t fret; COED has come up with a little conversion chart to make your life easier.


Pancreas = MacBook Pro

Corneas = iPod Nano

Lung = iCloud

Liver = Mac mini

Intestines = Apple TV

What organ would you donate for a new iPhone? Let us know!

  • COED Writer