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Abs-solute Hotties [57 PHOTOS]


With the exception of the plus-sized ladies, most of the models you see are trying to look their best; the better they look, the better the product they’re selling looks. When it comes to fitness models, these girls in particular go above and beyond to make sure that their bodies are in peak physical condition. Are some of them actually stronger than you? Possibly, but we’re not concerning ourselves with the really heavy lifters in this photo gallery. Here, we’re highlighting some of the hottest chicks with some of the most rockin’ abs you’ll ever see. Maybe they’ll get you in the groove to hit the gym. Or at least give your mouse finger a good workout or two. After you’re done, check here for many more photos.¬†Kudos to our Miss COED Justine Davis for making the cut!¬†(lead image credit: facebook and shutterstock / AYakovlev)

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