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Guess What? Prosecutors Strongly Oppose Charles Manson’s Parole


How strange: The Los Angeles County district attorney’s adamantly opposes the release of aging psychotic murderer, Charles Manson.  Yes, everyone’s favorite freaky-old-dude-with-a-swastika-carved-into-his-forehead is once again up for parole. The 77-year old Manson, who orchestrated the 1969 Helter Skelter murders, is being considered for release from Corcoran State Prison on  Wednesday. Manson has been shot down by the parole board 11 times in his prison career. The reason being: the parole board hasn’t been convinced that the former cult leader is completely rehabilitated.

Bizarre. I think the parole board is simply prejudice – against people who have swastikas carved into their foreheads. Or maybe Crazy Charlie hasn’t been putting his best foot forward. In his most recent photo (see above), he still has the Nazi symbol prominently displaced forehead. My advice to Mr. Manson: Do yourself a favor and cover up that unruly swastika for Wednesday’s parole hearing. This might be your last chance for freedom, so why not swing for the freedom fences.

Mr. Manson – if you are reading this – you might want to consider these few new additions to spruce up your look for the parole board:


Manson with a smiley face on his forehead would make any parole board say, “Oh Charlie, come over here and give me a hug!”


A strategic Bindi does wonders for Marin County housewives. Imagine the impact it would have on Manson as he enters the room.


“Sure I might have murdered people in the past, but why can’t we all just get alone?”


The parole board would be too busy laughing if Charlie adorned himself with this humorous sign that makes a statement about our soaring gas prices. Assume the position, indeed!


Perhaps this would show Manson’s complex, sensitive side: a Manson on top of a Manson.


LOL Kitty! LOL Kitty! Who doesn’t love LOL Kitties? One Manson parole granted!

COED Writer