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10 Crazy Disturbing F-ed Up Easter Bunny Photos


Coming in a close second to the drunken department store Santa has to be the ultra-creepy Easter bunny. What can be more disturbing than a human-sized, cotton-tail with large ears, buckteeth, and the ability to hold a child? With Easter Sunday just around the corner, COED would like to salute 10 Easter bunnies you should never invite to your egg-hunting celebration.

Somehow this reminds me of an al-Quada kidnapping video that would be broadcast on the bunny version of Al Jazeera – denouncing human infidels and those who can’t hop.

This poor mom and son – they aren’t even aware that their tranquil home is haunted; daddy died and he’s come back as a giant rabbit. Strange, that bunny wasn’t in the room when they took the photo, but he turned up when the film was developed.

Who says happy couples don’t meet on

Holy sh*t! The Mexican drug cartel got to these two poor Easter bunnies. Even if you’re a holiday icon, you should never snitch on the cartel! Let this be a warning to Santa Claus.

This has got to be one of the scariest, most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. (Pause.) And that Easter bunny is pretty creepy too! (Insert lots of laughter here.)

Welcome to Hell. We’ve been waiting for you. Come play with us forever and ever…

Have you had a chance to meet John Wayne Gacy’s crazier, younger brother? This is where bad Easter bunnies go.

Meet an Easter bunny that will really give you something to cry about. Don’t look behind you! The Easter bunny is about to eat your head!

Is Easter the holiday where all the bunnies rise up and steal town’s children?

Coulrophobia is fear of clowns. Leporiphobia is fear of the Easter bunny. Effects of leporiphobia include an abnormal, debilitating, and often paralyzing fear of evil mutant bunny rabbits.

Have you had a scary Easter bunny experience? Let COED know below!

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