Katy Perry in Your Face in 3D [VIDEO]


Hot on the heels of Titanic 3D comes Katy Perry’s bouncing breasts–and they’re coming right at you in the trailer for her 3D concert film¬†Part of Me. See Katy fanning herself in front of flustered fans! See Katy posing prettily as a young Christian singer! See Katy being very sad even as we’re celebrating that her marriage is over! See Katy’s hair go from blue to pink to Clairol Midnight Black! And get ready to camp out at the movie theater for opening day once you see Katy shooting whipped cream from her bullet bra! There might also be some music involved. We can’t be sure because we turned down the volume. This trailer already convinces us that Katy is the most important artist of our time. Did we mention the spinning hypnotic wheels that she has mounted over her nipples? Man, that’s just redundant.

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