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Jayde Nicole Really Is Quite Fit [INTERVIEW + PHOTOS]


Jayde Nicole is back with her new business Jayde Nicole Fitness – a sexy, revolutionary program designed to whip you into shape! If you dared to forget about Jayde, here’s a little reminder. She’s that raven-haired, curvaceous Canadian who (in 2008) was the first Canadian since 1982 to be crowned Playmate of the Year, which propelled a career of lucrative reality TV shows and scandalous celebutante dramas (not to mention countless covers/features in magazines like Maxim and Guitar World). Stripped (literally and metaphorically) on or off screen, Jayde’s bad-girl behaviour redundantly sparked turmoil – from fighting over her then-boyfriend Brody Jenner with Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari on The Hills – to clawing with fellow Playboy bunnies on The Girls Next Door and Holly’s World.

All girl-on-girl catfights aside, Jayde isn’t the mean Queen Bee everyone makes her out to be. Her fiesty confidence can be summed up in one word tattooed under her pubis bone: “Respect” – a lesson she had to learn, especially thanks to certain relationships in her life. Underneath all that scripted cattiness lies a genuinely delicate vulnerability; Jayde developed a charity appropriately titled “Lengths for Love” (like “Locks of Love”), persuading individuals to donate their hair to make wigs for pediatric patients in need and another charity JNF Charity Fund, which aids multiple animal rescue charities. Now a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Nutritionist with the International Sports and Science Association, Jayde isn’t only a smoking hot model but an inspirational entreprenuer – and vegetarian. In our exclusive Q&A, Jayde talks about her “super pouty lips,” ideal man, and how she’ll get you to lose “up to fifteen pounds in one month.”

VALERIE: Tell me about yourself. What were you like growing up? Did you have any other educational or career aspirations (besides modelling)?

JAYDE: I grew up in a small town called Port Perry in Canada. When you’re a little kid, there’s nothing better than having a lake in your backyard, acres of forests to play in and hundreds of trees to build forts in. I think it really made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I don’t actually think I knew what being “famous” was when I was younger. I knew I always wanted to be a model, but never really knew anything about celebrities or fame. I didn’t even have cable TV until I was about 19. I briefly studied hotel management at George Brown University in Toronto, but eventually left to focus on modeling and move to LA.

VALERIE: What inspired you to get into modelling? How did you first start?

JAYDE: I started modeling for catalogs and fashion shows at age six. At age 15, I was spotted outside of the Air Canada Centre by a Toronto modeling agency scout who offered me the opportunity to sign with their agency and take my modeling career to the next level.

VALERIE: And what made you decide to do Playboy? Why Playboy? What do you think makes you uniquely sexy?

JAYDE: I was approached by a photographer that worked for Playboy. I had never actually seen one before, so my mom went out and bought me my first issue. Sara Jean Underwood was that month’s Playmate. I thought it was so beautiful and called them back to accept right away. I was chosen to be the Playmate of the Month in the January 2007 issue. I think I was kind of weird looking (laughs). I have almond eyes; one (eye) is higher then the other and super pouty lips that everyone thinks are fake (laughs). I just think my weirdness is attractive, because it’s real and unique.

VALERIE: What do you look for in a guy? What do you look for in a relationship, inside and outside of the bedroom?

JAYDE: My guy has to be honest, trust worthy, funny. He has to baby and spoil me. Many girls don’t admit that this is something they want, but they all do. I’m just willing to say it. I also love guys with blue or green eyes and that take care of themselves :)

VALERIE: Tell us more about Holly’s World and your charity work.

JAYDE: The JNF Charity fund supports several well known and smaller animal rescue charities. Animals have always been my passion. It breaks my heart to see one without a loving home or proper medical care, so we do all we can to help! Holly’s World was still fun even though they made me play the villain (laughs).

VALERIE: You have an amazing body, a Playboy-ready body to be more specific! What do you do to keep fit?

JAYDE: I am a vegetarian, (so) I eat extremely clean and healthy 90% of the time. I take all of my JNF supplements religiously and do a mix of bootcamp, spin classes, hiking and the JNF workout DVD while on the road.

VALERIE: The website for your new venture, Jayde Nicole Fitness, claims you can “lose up to fifteen pounds in a month.” What’s so different about your program that the diet and fitness aspects can be effective for the general buyer?

JAYDE: JNF is a fitness & nutrition mega site. You can become a member for just $3 a week, and we custom build a day-to-day meal plan including your exact caloric breakdown and recipes. We also custom build a fitness program, depending on each user’s goals. These include comprehensive videos for each exercise and a tracking program for your success. We also have our “Locker Room,” which is kind of like a social area for the members to discuss anything they like and also ask me questions. I answer every one myself! In addition, we offer an amazing line of supplements – from fat burners and cellulite killers to fat free proteins, cleanses, and multi vitamins. It’s a one stop shop for anyone trying to lose weight, get in shape or start a healthier life style. It’s different, because it is completely customizable to each user. It also attacks your weight loss goals from all angles; it makes it easy for the user. Before building this site, I became a member of every big weight loss website out there, took the things that worked from each and ditched the things that didn’t. I tried hundreds of weight loss supplements and did endless research. I wanted to make products that worked, that I would take, not just push a crap product to make money.

VALERIE: Any last words? What’s coming up for you?

JAYDE: There are so many achievements that I am proud of so far. I would have to say one of my greatest achievements would have to be being the first Canadian woman to be crowned Playmate of the Year since Shannon Tweed in 1982 and starting my own fitness company Jayde Nicole Fitness. For my future plans, I want to continue in the fitness, beauty and nutrition industry. Eventually, I would like to own a fitness clothing line and studio. I would also love to take my JNF Charity Fund to the next level and raise funds for animal rescue, veterinary care and housing.

COED Writer