2012 Masters WAG Watch [PHOTOS]


For a competition standpoint, it seems like the PGA Tour is in Augusta at just the right time. Tiger just won his first Majors within two years and now Phil Mickelson is looking to defend his jacket. Unfortunately the weather in Augusta has been pretty stormy, but that just means the spectators who do show up are big fans. Speaking of fans, have you seen some of the golfer’s WAGS? We’ve always been fascinated by the quality of woman a golf player attracts, but I guess hanging out with a rich athlete who owns memberships to country clubs world-wide is a no brainer. Forget Tiger’s ex-wife, I’ll take these WAGs in a two-some any day of the week. You might not appreciate the sport of golf, but you gotta respect the players’ game, son. See why below.

Ana Ivanovic

Ana seems to be on a bunch of our lists. Not only is she the girlfriend of golfer Adam Scot, but she’s ranked #16 according to the Women’s Tennis Association. In our humble rankings, though, she’s up there in the Top 5. Our criteria might be a little different.

Caroline Wozniacki (GF of Rory McIlroy)

Those golfers sure do like tennis players, huh? Like Ana, Caroline is a pretty accomplished athlete in her own right, currently holding onto the #6 position in world-wide rankings. At one time, she was considered the most eligible bachelorette. *sigh*

Kandi Mahan (Wife of Hunter Mahan)

Whether or not you’re an “America’s Team” fan, you can’t deny the hotness factor of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Hunter shares our sentiments because he married Kandi in March of last year. She actually traded the Cowboys sidelines in 2009 for the fairways.

(photo via golf.com)

Allison Micheletti (GF of Martin Kaymer)

Allison isn’t just dating the current 6th best golfer in the world, she’s pretty capable of swinging the sticks herself. Allison placed on the upcoming reality show on Golf TV, titled Big Break Atlantis, due to begin airing on May 15th. Judging by the photos below, it’s probably going to have the highest rating of any on the network.

Ellie Harvey (Wife of Jason Day)

There aren’t a lot of photos that exist for Jason Day’s wife, but those few camera shots during last year’s Masters were enough to garner everyone’s attention. We’ll be watching pretty closely for an encore performance from her.

(photo via SI.com)

Amy Mickelson (Wife Phil Mickelson)

It might seem like awhile ago, but I’m sure that you all remember the only other interesting golf story besides Tiger’s marital strife: Phil Mickelson’s wife being diagnosed with breast cancer. Now three years later, Amy is looking as great as ever. The only bad news is that we probably won’t get to see her on TV this week; she has to take care of their kids until summer vacation.

Diane Antonopoulos (Wife of Luke Donald)

Diane met Luke Donald when the two were attenting Northwestern University. Now five years into their marriage, Diane is still one of the hottest women on the PGA Tour. Yes, they’re married, but I’m not sure why she didn’t take his last name. Oh wait. Yes I do.

Natalie Gulbis (ex-GF of Dustin Johnson)

Technically an ex-WAG, we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to post on Natalie. She’s probably the hottest female golfer known to mankind and even posed in bodypaint for Sports Illustrated this year.

(photo via golf.com)

Jocelyn Hefner

I’ve searched the web for a whole three minutes and can’t find any real evidence that there’s any relation between Jocelyn and Hugh. The good news is that this means there’s now a chance she’ll pose for Playboy. Featuring a distant cousin’s naked photos in your magazine would be flat-out creepy.

Richelle Baddeley (Wife Aaron Baddeley)

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