We’re Totally Recalling This Catfight

The new trailer for this summer’s Total Recall remake has people talking. We’ve heard debates about how the CGI will look, and if Colin Farrell is a worthy successor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, or if the PG-13 version of an R-rated movie can still feature a prostitute with three breasts. We haven’t heard enough about the fleeting seconds we get of a catfight between Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale. Will it be as sexy as the brawl between Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin in the 1990 original?

All we know is that no technology can replace the thrill of two beautiful babes battling it out on the big screen. We dare say that Biel vs. Beckinsale might be the hottest multiplex mayhem since Queen Latifah hung Missi Pyle out to dry in Bringing Down the House. Rest assured that we’re analyzing the new trailer’s brief battling action like it’s the Zapruder footage. For now, travel over to Youtube for the original catfight that made the first Total Recall an intergalactic success.

Jessica Biel vs Kate Beckinsale

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