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Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Denies Sex with Underage Teen (And Having Cooties, Too) [17 PHOTOS]


Back in 2010, Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones had her lawyers going after a website (not us) over internet rumors. The team captain had been accused of dating Bengals kicker Shayne Graham—against NFL rules—which lead to online rumors about the schoolteacher-by-day having sex in her Kentucky classroom. Jones was also accused of having a few choice STDs. The brunette Ben-Gal went on ABC News to plead her innocence. Now she’s pleading at a court date, as Jones’ says she’s not guilty of teaching dirty moves to an underage student at Dixie Heights High School.

The student denies that anything happened, and his parents don’t seem too concerned. Jones is still facing charges of first-degree sexual abuse. They’re even going after Jones’ mom for tampering with evidence. The biggest problem for Jones, though, is an additional charge of unlawful use of electronic devices. No matter how much the kid supports the Bengal babe in court, prosecutors can still nail her if they have videos or photographs showing she was nailing the teen. This isn’t going to help Jones’ pending lawsuit against that website, either. All we can do is show our support by admiring Jones’ beautiful bod and being thankful that we’re now of legal age—just in case she needs some comforting.

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