The Hottest Tennis “Ovas” (That Aren’t Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova)

Maria Sharapova secured her spot in the Sony Ericsson Finals this Thursday, which really comes as no surprise considering her talent. Come to think of it, both Anna Kournikova or Sharapova seem to dominate every single tennis post we make. Yes, these are arguably the hottest two babes out there, but the tennis world has so much more to offer. For that reason we have decided to introduce you to some of the lesser known “Ovas” and give these girls a fighting chance, because when matched up with Maria and Anna, it just isn’t fair.

Tennis does not seem to be the forte of this sexy Slovak. She has never been ranked higher than 255, which is unfortunate because if she had any sort of national attention, she would be the new big tennis crush. She was a contestant in the 2007 edition of Slovakia’s Next Top Model, but had to drop out because her parents didn’t like it. If this stunner doesn’t eventually get involved in modeling due to her crazy parents it will be a damn shame.

Winning 7 ITF titles and 1 WTA title is nothing to slouch at, especially if you do it before the age of 21, which is exactly what Anastasija did. Lets hope she keeps up the torrid pace and comes into the spotlight and shows off her assets…both on and off the court.

This Russian beauty looks like she means all business. At only 23 years old, she has yet to achieve much in her career, never reaching higher than 109 on the WTA singles rankings. If it was up to me, she wouldn’t be single for very long…consider me interested in becoming her doubles partner.

For whatever reason, this little minx reminds me of adult film star Sasha Grey. Anastasia is only 21 years old and really came into her own during her junior career. She was ranked number 2, and we can only hope she recaptures some of that success at the professional level, because the more Anastasia the better.

Andrea is closing in on $1 million in career earnings, mainly due to her success in doubles competition. She finally won her first Grand Slam last year, doubling up with Lucie Hradecka at the French Open. She is the Reese Witherspoon of the tennis world, not sexy, not drop dead gorgeous, just f*ckin cute.

Ekaterina starting playing tennis at the age of six and she hasn’t looked back since. At her peak in June of 2011, she was ranked number 29 in the world and has earned over $1.6 million.

Lenka isn’t exactly a household name and has never reached a higher ranking than 237. Her strength is listed as a double-handed backhand, and although I’m not sure what that is, getting a double-handed backhand from Lenka gets me excited.

Petra is one of the top female tennis players out there, currently ranked number three in the world. This babe has amassed over 200 career wins and nearly $7 million in earnings. She won Wimbledon last year as the 8 seed and seems to be becoming one of the dominant players in the game. Currently riding a 30 match winning streak, Petra is going to be in spotlight for quite some time…something none of us are going to complain about.

Currently ranked the No. 1 Bulgarian tennis player in the world, Tsvetana comes from a family of athletes. Her mother was a swimming champion and her father was a canoeing champion. With genes like that its no wonder she became a successful athlete. Couple that with being incredibly beautiful and having almost $2 million in earnings, and you are looking at some damn good wife material!

As is the case with a few of these babes, Yaroslava was born into an athletic family. He mother was a professional runner, so it is clear where that sexy, athletic frame came from. She is Kazakhstani and of Russian descent, and looks like one of those girls who can kick your @ss…something that is always a plus in the bedroom.

This sexy Slovak has not been very successful on the court, never reaching a ranking higher than 379. We are all for her retiring from tennis and starting a modeling career, because I would be the first in line to scope out some bikini pics of Zuzana.

Anastasia’s career got off to a great start back in 2006 when she defeated Caroline Wozniacki, winning the Australian Open junior title. Currently ranked number 15 in the world, we expect to see this brunette beauty around for years to come.

2005 was a big year for Daniela, as she became the fifth female tennis player in history to win the mixed doubles title in all four Grand Slam tournaments. Nike and Adidas have endorsed her at different points in her career, and we can’t think of a better place to endorse a company than on her lovely body.

Dominika grew up in Bratislava and having earned over $2 million over her career, must be something close to royalty in her home country now. All joking aside, she is a pretty great tennis player, who plays best on a hard surface. Enough said.

This blonde Czech hottie has had an up-and-down career. She peaked at No. 27 in the world rankings back in 2006 and has been slumping since. Not all is lost though, seeing as she reached eight singles finals and came away with two wins. She recently won the biggest match of her career after beating Serena Williams to win the 2009 Andalucia Tennis Experience in Spain.

Iveta is another one of the babes who has seen the most success in doubles action, ranking as high as number 17 in the world. In 2011, she won the Wimbledon Doubles championship with partner Jürgen Melzer. She is closing in on 30 years old, but looking at her you would never guess. Try staring into those eyes without getting lost…just try.

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