The Best of Ultra 2012 Twitpics [32 ARTIST + AUDIENCE PHOTOS]

A quick search of “ultra” on Twitter and you’ll come up with some pretty memorable photos and videos. That’s whats so great about the service, anyone with so much as a camera phone can instantly share their experiences with the entire globe. DJ’s and musicians know this just about as well as anyone, so they love to tweet out photos of their sets and performances. The views from up in their DJ booth? Incredible. Especially when you add thousands of f’d up fans screaming, yelling, and pumping their fists. Check out the behind the scenes of Ultra below.

But wait, there’s more! That’s right, some of the best twitpics actually came from the people actually in the audience. They’ve got people wheelchair surfing, horsefaced ragers, and much more, check out the best of the crowd’s twitpics below.

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