I Can’t Tell If This Is A Commercial Or A Tim and Eric “Production” [VIDEO]


If I saw this commerical on late night TV, I’m not sure what I would think because (thanks to Tim and Eric) I honestly can’t tell if this is a real or fake. “All Holes Filled?” What kind of business is that? And what kind of business would pay for such a sh*t jingle? If it’s not some sketch by Tim and Eric, this “All Holes Filled” guy is mighty lucky that the internet has a retarded sense of humor.

OK, so I just called their number (515)462-0548 and I can pretty much confirm that it’s Tim and Eric. The voicemail is absurd. Check it out or send an email to [email protected] and let us know what kind of response you get. I don’t have time to mess around like that, the internet has things for me to do.

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