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Japanese Baseball Cheerleaders FTW! [28 PHOTOS]


While not many people knew about it until after the game was actually over, the Major League Baseball season officially started today. The lack of coverage probably stemmed from the fact that the Seattle Mariners played the Oakland A’s in Japan at 5:00 AM EST. In somewhat exciting news, Ichiro got the first hit of season in his home country. Needless to say, the crowd went nuts. Baseball scenes are much different in Japan than they are here in the US. While we curse and throw peanuts at opposing players, Japanese fans root for their teams much like a European soccer team does – with flags, songs, chanting, etc. Oh, and they also have cheerleaders. Glorious, hot, attractive, Japanese cheerleaders. If the MLB learns one thing from their trip to Japan, it should be to bring back some cheerleaders with them.

  • COED Writer