The Girls of Mr. Skin’s Sexy 16

With March Madness upon us, legendary website created an epic bracket to end all brackets. It is known only as the “Whack-It” Bracket and it pairs up the hottest of the hotties in head to head match-ups in a quest to determine who the sexiest woman in the world is. The bracket is broken up into four sexy categories: A-Cup All Stars, B-Cup Beauties, Chesty C-Cups and Heavy Handfulls, each of which has a unique type of woman in it. The final four will have a showdown between each type of girl, ultimately deciding which is sexiest. Today, the Sexy 16 wraps up so we decided to introduce you to each of these wonderful woman with loads of their sexiest pics. Check them out, then head over to Mr. Skin and be sure to vote for the rest of the tournament!

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