March WAGness 2012

Truth be told, March Madness is pretty much the only time that the casual fan pays more attention to college sports than to professional ones. Can’t say we blame them either, the dynamic between favorites and cinderella stories make for a good watch. The most deserving teams always make it to the end, but along the way, even the little guys get a chance against the best. That same spirit can be found in March WAGness. We’re putting up the hottest WAGs from across the globe against each other to prove a definitive a winner. Some you’ll already know, some you probably won’t.

Carmella DeCesare (Jeff Garcia)

Once known for being the best backup you could ask for, Jeff Garcia is now going to have to rely on his wife Carmella to keep him in the spotlight. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like it should be too hard.

Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)

Giselle is like the Gonzaga of WAG brackets. You know that they’re always going to be in the running, but they never quite go the distance. We were originally going to leave her off of the list, but instead listening to some clowns hootin’ and hollerin’ about leaving off “the most gorgeous woman on earth” we caved.

Carrie Underwood (Mike Fisher)

This lady needs no introduction of her own, but sometimes I forget who she’s married to. Funny story: Mike Fisher, was traded from the Senators to the Predators, and since then, an Ottawa radio station has refused to play Carrie’s songs.

Sara Jean Underwood (Marco Andretti)

“Oh wow. Sara Jean Underwood. On a hottie list. Quelle surprise.” Can you really blame us though? She’s ridiculously attractive, the most popular Playboy model in the publication’s history, and pretty young to boot. I think it’s fair to say that Marco’s found his peak. Sorry, bro. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Antonella Roccuzzo (Lionel Messi)

We first heard about Antonella only after photos of her vacation with the Argentine baller were posted on Busted Coverage. We’ve been in love ever since. Have you seen her butt? It’s awesome. We look at attractive girls all the time, and we agree that she’s stupid hot. Now if she only took some real photos…

Jamie Lee Darley (Sacha Kljestan)

If there was going to be a dark horse in this tournament, Jaime Lee would probably be it. Sacha’s a starter on the US Men’s National Soccer Team, and the two met through mutual friends. Reason #3,091 why you should be friends with people in real life.

Sylvie Fran├žoise Van Der Vaart (Rafael Van Der Vaart)

At the age of 18 Sylvie decided she wanted to be a model and just like that, she started hosting events. After she married the Dutch football in 2006, she was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer three years later. Fortunately she’s perfectly healthy now and, as you can tell, she’s looking better than ever.

Emily Kuchar ( Zach Greinke)

Nominated for Baseball’s Hottest Wives in 2009, Emily still holds our attention. Amazingly enough, this happy couple met back in high school. Usually major league love stories begin at a bar or a pool party…

Kelsi Reich (David Nelson)

Kelsi is a personal favorite of ours here at COED. Not only is she dating a player on another team, the two seem to have a pretty good thing going. At least they’ve gotten the blessing of Jerry Jones.

Kelli Hutcherson (Ricky Whitlock)

You already knew that Kelli’s a hot blonde ring girl for Strikeforce, but you probably haven’t heard of Ricky Whitlock. That’s because he’s only a surfer, but if I’ve learned anything about hot girls, it’s that they dig surfers.

Izabel Goulart (Diniyar Bilyaletdinov)

How does shopping for groceries with your mom at the age of 14 turn into dating Diniyar Bilyaletdinov? When you’re Izabel Goulart and you’re approached by a hairstylist of course! Since the deli section, Izabel has been seen in Vogue, Sports Illustrated, and the Russian soccer player’s arm. Dude gets the award for “Steal of the March WAGness.”

Jaime Edmondson (Evan Longoria)

She might have gotten into Cam Newton’s pants, but Evan Longoria is the former Playmate’s current obsession. Evan should know that he needs to stay in line, Jaime was actually a policewoman.

Irina Shayk (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Yet another reason to hate Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina started dating the Portuogese Real Madrid star in 2011. You’ve seen this lovely Ruskie in Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, and your dreams.

Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddick)

Andy Roddick is officially the luckiest man in tennis. Not only is he arguably the best US citizen at the sport, he gets to go home to Brooklyn Decker.

Adriana Lima (Marko Jaric)

She’s a WAG? Yep, I don’t blame you for forgetting the fact that this Brazilian supermodel is married to Marko Jaric, but at least it’s clear that no one is going to confuse who’s more important in this relationship.

Who is #1? Find out right here!

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