Sexy Superfan Showdown: New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos


Above photos are © Playboy Enterprises

Yesterday’s big news wasn’t the fact that a head coach was suspended for a year, it was the New York Jets making a trade for Tim Tebow. The move made tons of sense for the Broncos team, but I’m sure more than a few Denver fans are upset at losing their cultural icon. Regardless of your own personal take on Tebowmania, no one can deny that ladies love him. Now that he’s in the Big Apple, you have to wonder how the big city is going to react to the big guy.

I’m sure that he’ll remain the same, lame virgin drinking shots of wheatgrass at a Jamba Juice bar, but that doesn’t mean the ladies won’t try their hardest. Clearly, Denver couldn’t get it done. Was that because of their female talent, or can even a place like New York not take the man down? Vote below on who you think has the hottest super fans below.


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Director of Sales and Marketing
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