A Topless Italian: The New Lamborghini Aventador J


The new Lamborghini Aventador J was recently revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. What makes this new Lamborghini Aventador J different from the regular Aventador? Well, it’s got no top! (Just what Coed readers love to see!)

Powering this work of art on wheels is the same 691 horsepower V-12 engine that can be found in the Aventador coupe. Lamborghini didn’t just hack off the roof of the Aventador coupe to build the Aventador J though. It sports new huge air intakes at the front and a bigger rear diffuser in the back. The only components that were used from the production coupe were the headlights, hood, and front and rear fenders. It sports new 20-inch rims designed just for the the Aventador J, and 21-inches rims in the back with huge tires.

Surprisingly the latest Lambo was built in just six weeks, which is an amazingly short period of time to build any vehicle. Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s CEO, wanted something special and unique for the Geneva Motor Show. So Filippo Perini, Lamborghini’s designer, dreamed this up in a weekend.

So you want it, right? Like a lot of things… you can’t have it! The Aventador J will be a one off model and will cost an estimated €2.1 million Euros, which is equal to $2.77 million American dollars. Supposedly the Lamborghini Aventador J was sold before it was even designed.

For all that money it’s important to note you don’t get basic amenities such as air conditioning and GPS navigation. The supercar weights in at at roughly 3,742 pounds though, which offers what I assume is a fantastic driving experience.

“This automobile is as extreme and as uncompromising as only a Lamborghini can be,” said Winkelmann. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Don’t you just love beautiful topless Italians?

COED Writer