9 Hotties of Women’s International Field Hockey

Kate Middleton was all over the news yesterday wearing tight orange jeans and a hoodie while she played some field hockey with the British national team. While I could/would never speak a bad word about Kate, it’s a little unfortunate that this is the first time the American media has paid any real attention to beautiful women running around whacking balls with a stick. These international foxy hockey ladies deserve some US love. We should probably start with the nine women you’ll find below.

Ellen Hoog

I’m never one to play favorites (unless your name rhymes with “Indsie Ohan”) but Ellen Hoog of the Dutch national field hockey team might be the cutest girl to simultaneously wield a stick and a skirt at the same time. For those who might be thinking of courting her, you might want to get her last name right; it’s pronounced “Hohwg”

Charlotte Harrison

Charlotte was one of the youngest squad members ever selected to play for the New Zealand Black Sticks (no jokes, fellas). This striking striker had played the second most games on the team by the time she was 20.

Emily Naylor

Holding down both the midfield and our hearts, Emily qualified for the NZ Olympic team at the age of 18 and is the only player on the Black Sticks with more caps than our friend Charlotte Harrison.

Jade Warrender

A skilled defensive midfielder always looking to pass, it should come as no surprise that Jade happens to be on the receiving end of a few eyes too. Jade made her debut playing for the Australian Hockeyroos in Argentina, 2011.

Nicole Hudson

Although she put down the international sticks in 2009, we could never forget the skillful, yet delicate, performances Nikki gave us during the 2000 Olympics. Not only did she win the gold medal for her team in her home country, but Nikki was the top goal scorer among all the players.

Casey Eastham

I can’t wait to see what becomes of this 21 year old field hockey star, considering that the Australian Hockey website states that “she still has considerable development left.” Taking a look at the talent she’s already got, that’s a bold statement.

Luciana Aymar

While many are quick to compare Luciana to fellow countryman and Argentine Maradona, I fail to see any visual similarity. You will agree that this is a good thing. It has yet to be determined whether she earned the nickname of “The Magician” because of her on-field prowess or her ability to hypnotize men at an instant.

Naomi van As

While Naomi is a forward/midfield for the Dutch national team, she splits her time equally between that, her club team HC Klein Zwitserland, and my dreams. While she’s actually dating Dutch speed skating star Sven Kramer, I figure that he poses no threat as long as you stay off the ice.

Fatima Moreira de Melo

Fatmia knows really knows how to work what her momma gave her. Not only does she rip up the field as one of the Netherland’s leading strikers, this blonde has also presented on both national and local television shows. Anyone with Dutch TIVO, please contact us.

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