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Drinkwel Is Your Saint Patrick’s Day Hangover Savior [GIVEAWAY]


Since a majority of you are going to pretend to be Irish this Saint Patrick’s Day, why not continue the charade and repent for your drunken sins the following Sunday? Because church would be too early, that’s why, and you’re going to have a wicked headache. Fortunately for you, the mad scientists behind Drinkwel (the world’s first multivitamin for people who drink alcohol) feel your pain. That’s why they’re selflessly giving away two prize packages, containing one “30-Day Supply of Drinkwel” and one “Life of the Party” kit.

What exactly is Drinkwel? It’s “a unique formula designed to replenish essential nutrients, support healthy liver function, and actively break down the toxins found in alcoholic beverages.” In other words, it’s in your best interest to start taking this immediately before you begin making bad decisions. Like a good friend, Drinkwel won’t stop you from going home with that bar-fly, but it’ll do its best to make sure you’re clear-headed enough to learn from your mistakes the following morning.

For your chance to win a bottle of the most important multivitamins you can take, follow COEDMagazine (@COEDMagazine) and Drinkwel (@Drinkwel) on Twitter and RT: “I’m going to wish I had a bottle of @Drinkwel the day after #StPaddysDay #rt2win #giveaway #win”

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