Sexy Club Girls Want You To Have A HOUS Party [PHOTOS + GIVEAWAY]

As the music festival season approaches, you’re going to want some new threads to wear. If you’ve been to any shows lately, you might have seen a squiggly looking dude with a crown on his head. That’s HOUS and their clothes are just what the party animal is looking for. Since their founding, HOUS has gotten some of the world’s most famous DJs to rock their gear. Which ones? I’m not telling, because that’s where the giveaway comes in. It’s your job to like their Facebook page and leave a comment in the section below, telling us who’s your favorite DJ caught wearing their clothes. Contest ends March 19th and make sure to leave your real email address. (Legal mumbo jumbo here)

That’s it. You just entered to win a chance at three free t-shirts, guaranteed to cause a stir. Not convinced? Tell me you don’t want to be partying with the girls below and I’ve found a liar.

Photos via: Hous

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