The Waterloo Martini Is a Naked, Salty Dog [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]


Today marks the 67th consecutive installment of COED’s “Drinks of the Week,” which is a major milestone because today also marks the 200th bottle of booze we’ve reviewed! That’s right, in just over one year we’ve reviewed 200 individual liquor brands, concocted 200 insanely delicious mixed drinks, and by all accounts knocked countless years off of our livers… This week we’re taking a close look at bottle #199 – Waterloo Texas Style Gin, #200 – Platinum 7X Vodka, and #201 – Naked Jay Whip Cream Vodka. Here we go!

Waterloo Texas Style Gin

Produced as a “distilled gin” as opposed to a compound gin, Waterloo is distilled by placing various botanicals into the column of a still while the wash is boiled. The vaporized distillate then passes through the botanicals and absorbs the flavor. A compound gin is made simply by steeping botanicals into neutral grain spirit. According to Waterloo’s master distiller, “The goal with Waterloo Gin was to stay true to the traditional London Dry Gin style while still making the gin’s Texas roots evident. Waterloo Gin is a true Texas Native.”

Proof: 94 (47% ABV)
Age: Unaged
Flavors: juniper, citrus, ginger, and dried fruits
Mix-abilityB- (Okay)
Buzz Factor: A (Awesome)
Price$19.00 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Waterloo Gin a B (Recommended). Woooooo doggy, this is one powerful gin! Weighing in a whopping 94 proof, we wouldn’t recommend this gin for sipping because it packs a bite. It has a distinct flavor profile that is somewhat similar to London Dry Gins, but certainly has its own Texas twist. When mixed this gin truly alive. We recommend Waterloo for traditional mixed drinks with a KICK!

MIX IT UP WITH: “Waterloo Martini”

Ingredients: 2 oz Waterloo Gin, 1 dash dry vermouth, 2 bar-spoons of olive brine, lemon zest, and green olives.

Directions: Add the Waterloo, dry vermouth and olive brine to a shaker or pint glass filled with ice. Stir (don’t shake). Strain into a chilled martini glass with a lemon-zested edge. Garnish with an olive.

Platinum 7X Vodka

Distilled seven times from American corn, Platinum 7X Vodka’s first four distillations are carried out in column stills with the remaining three distillations being made in a special pot still at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Limestone water is added to bring the vodka to bottling proof. The resulting product is said to be remarkable in its clean, refreshing, smooth taste. We’ll see about that…

Accolades: Awarded the Gold Medal in the Vodka category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011. Ultimate Spirits Championship rated “Highly Recommended” and
Named a “Best Buy” and rated “Highly Recommended” from The Beverage Tasting Institute.

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
Age: Unaged
Flavors: Neutral
TasteB+ (Very Good)
Mix-abilityB+ (Very Good)
Buzz Factor: B+ (Very Good)
Price$12.99 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Platinum 7X Vodka a B+ (Highly Recommended). This vodka delivers great bang for your buck. At just $13 a bottle, you’d be hard pressed to find another vodka which takes the time to distill and re-distill seven freakin’ times before being bottled. From appearances this is just another cheap vodka in a plastic bottle, but we’re here to tell you that it’s more than just affordable. 7X has a clean and crisp flavor that is excellent for mixing!


Ingredients:  1 ½ oz. Platinum 7X vodka, 5 oz. grapefruit juice, ¼ tsp salt

Directions:  Pour ingredients into a highball glass over ice cubes, stir well, and serve.

Naked Jay Whipped Cream Vodka

Just recently Naked Jay Vodka unleashed a new line-up of premium and uniquely flavored vodkas, lucky for us we have friends and high places and were able to test, taste, and review each of them! Like anyone in their right mind we started with dessert – Naked Jay Whip Cream, an 80 proof American vodka distilled four times.

Naked Jay’s Motto: “Meet the vodka that’s not afraid to bare it all.”

Proof: 60 (30% ABV)
Age: Unaged
Flavors: Whip Cream!
Taste: A- (Excellent)
Mix-abilityB+ (Very Good)
Buzz Factor: C (Average)
Price$14.99 USD (750ml) 

Overall: We give Naked Jay Whip Cream Vodka a creamy B+ (Highly Recommended). While they weren’t the first to think of it and they’re certainly not the last, this Whip Cream Vodka maybe some of the best we’ve yet to taste. It’s the perfect party drink because you can do almost anything with it… Shoot it, mix it, cook with it, and even freeze it! The texture of the vodka is a bit oily and shockingly sugary, but in the end the flavor is all that matters. Naked Jay hit this one out of the park!

MIX IT UP WITH: “Screaming J”

Ingredients: 1.25 oz. Naked Jay Whip Cream Vodka, 1 oz. Irish Cream, 3 oz. Chocolate Milk.

Directions: Combine in a highball glass and stir. Garnish with cocoa powder.

Next week: Jägermeister | Toro de Lidia Blanco Tequila | CREAM – Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream 

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