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The Sexiest Women of the RBS 6 Nations[PHOTOS + POLL]


The RBS 6 Nations Rugby Championship tournament resumes this Saturday, March 10th between England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy, and Ireland. Besides the obvious blood and violence, what makes the 6 Nations so interesting to watch is the individual competitions that exist within the umbrella of the Championship. The Wooden Spoon is awarded for finishing at the bottom of the bracket and the ‘Triple Crown’ can be awarded to England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales for beating the other three aforementioned nations. Here at COED we’re no rugby experts, but we came up with a little competition of our own. We’ve pitted the sexiest women from the six nations against each other for a real chance at northern hemisphere domination. Check out the starting lineups of each team and don’t forget to vote for your favorite at the bottom!

Responsible for the actual birth of rugby, England can also stake it’s claim in the term “lad mag” as it saw Maxim, Nuts, Zoo, and countless others start within its borders. As such, they’re responisble for showing us endless photos of large-chested glamour models like and Sophie Reade. One of the nation’s largest newspapers The Sun even features a naked hottie on Page 3 every day. A poor performance in the Rugby World Cup has left England fans unsure of their chances to win (current odds are 30/1).

Wales doesn’t just do sheep well, they’re also one of the top two favored teams to win the 6 Nations Championship (current odds are around 1/3). While the nation lying to the south of England is much smaller in size, Wales is always willing to show that they’re fiestier than their ‘overlord.’ One would only have to look at the likes of Imogen Thomas and Catherine Zeta-Jones to agree.

No matter how well the Ireland team fares in this tournament, I’m sure that no country will celebrate their heritage as much as they will. With hot women like Rozanna Purcell and Bridge Moynahan, you would too. Right now the Guiness-drinking-party animals are favored 250/1.

I really didn’t think that the French had it in them to be a good rugby team but their appearance in the Rugby World Cup finals shocked everyone. What shouldn’t come as such a surprise are the bevy of beauties the country takes credit for. Among the fans pulling for the 5/2 favored French are Clara Morgane, Laetitia Costa, and Alessandra Paressant.

Just because the Italians are the most heavily favored to win The Wooden Spoon doesn’t mean that their women are similarly lacking. In fact I can totally understand why teams like scoring on a country whose starting lineup includes Monica Belluci, Rosaria Cannavo, Elena Santarelli, and Valentina Dessi. Right now, the Italians’ odds of winning are currently… actually, they can’t win any more.

As much as you would think that the highland life would translate well to the game of rugby, the Scots are easily one of the two weakest teams in the RBS 6 Nations. Despite thier lackluster standings, women you can expect to be wearing blue in support of their nation include Ashly Rae, Kirsty Hume, and Natalie Pike.

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