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Update: So The Olivia Munn Photos Are Real?!?


Courtesy of our friends at Egotastic, it seems like these Olivia Munn photos could be the real deal. A sleuth who shall remain nameless (but is likely the same dude who stole her photos) has brought it to the attention of those who care that Olivia appears to be wearing the same ring in both her Twitter photos AND the nudie pics. As expected, she’s denying that the pics are of her but the evidence seems pretty tight. Of course, we don’t want to finger her as the culprit but it’s more than fun to imagine Olivia standing in the doorway between nymph and nerd. I’m getting all choked up and emotional just thinking of a woman like that actually existing. No updates on Christina’s pics yet, but we’ve included them below just because. [photo above via Egotastic]

  • COED Writer