Sammie Pennington Is Slammin’, Son [83 PHOTOS]

What is it about British glamour models that I find so fascinating? It might be the fact that they’re foreign (yet speak my language), or that they’re all immensely ‘top-heavy,’ or it could be because there are so d*mn many of ’em. Take Sammie Pennington, for example. This broad is a Twitter fiend (not even close to SFW) and is the self-proclaimed “Filth Talker” for Bluebird Sky TV. I honestly don’t even know what that means, but I have a feeling Beanie from Old School would be saying “Earmuffs” like his life depended on it. She’s been featured on Nuts, Zoo, and Front – all of which are also probably best viewed in a dark room with the lights off and the door locked.

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