8 Cool Economy Cars To Cop in 2012

In my list of 2012 Hot Cars for 2012, I emphasized cars you most likely could not afford. (Unless of course you run a hedge fund.) Don’t be disappointed because I have put together a list of 8 Hot Cars in 2012 You Can Afford. COED readers can rejoice knowing that there are quite a lot of great vehicle offerings aimed directly at a youth market now. The sparse, small, and cheap econoboxes in the past that automakers used to offer will not suffice a more finely tuned young person’s demanding tastes these days. Automakers have begun to get extremely competitive and it shows with all the great new vehicles available on the market. Best part about it, these are all cars that are within your financial reach if you have a somewhat decent job… Just don’t ask me how to find one in this crazy economy. I just know about cars!

Note: All prices quoted here are base starting prices.

COED, do you agree or disagree with my list? Please leave a comment below and tell me.

A Short History of American Craft Beers [VIDEO]
A Short History of American Craft Beers [VIDEO]
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