Miss COED Yael Markovich Catches Scarlett Keegan Fever [INTERVIEW + PHOTOS]

Editor’s Note – Miss COED Yael Markovich is a seriously sexy Israeli who has been a Hawaiian Tropics model and a semi-finalist in Maxim’s Hometown Hottie contest (2009). She also has been in Couples Retreat, on CSI Miami, and Entourage as well as appearances in a few music videos like Pitbull’s ‘Blanco’. Along the way, Yael has met many interesting ladies. Seeing as how beautiful women tend to cower in fear or run in the opposite direction of us, we’re lucky to have Yael as a smokescreen to run interviews for us. Check out her inaugural interview and let us know who she should interview next in the comments section.

My first interview is with the beautiful Scarlett Keegan, Playboy’s Miss September 2004. I first met Ms. Keegan at the Playboy Mansion back when I was working for Playboy Enterprises as a food server to pay my way through college. I made some great connections and met plenty of beautiful and smart ladies… many of whom were Playmates! However, only a few Playmates made a lasting impression on me and Scarlett was one of them. Aside from her gorgeous Auburn hair, she is a beautiful person both inside and out. While she might be petite, her heart is big and her smile is warm! Thus the reason I chose her as my first subject to interview.

Of course one of my most memorable experiences working for Playboy was meeting the man himself — Hugh Hefner! I plan on sending Hef a request for an interview. Enjoy!

Height: 5’5” | Weight: 106 lbs | Measurements: 34B-24-34

Place of birth: Born in Westlake Village, CA and moved to Los Olivos, CA (near Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch) when I was 10.

Residing city/state: Los Angeles, CA

Ethnicity: Irish/American. My Mom is from Dublin, Ireland and my Dad is from Ohio.

What was your major in college and are you currently working in your field? I studied theatre arts at SBCC and ended up leaving to study drama at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. My time at both places was so fun and unforgettable.

What would be your dream job? Acting. I do a lot more modeling though, and I enjoy that a lot as well.

Turn ons: Intelligence, subtle confidence, kindness, beautiful eyes, accents (especially Irish and British) and a man with a guitar.

Turn offs: Bragging, name-dropping, trying too hard, jealousy, talking about oneself too much (goes both ways)

Pet peeves: First, men who don’t hold a door open. I suggest all men take a quick glance behind them to avoid this. Second, a lot of people who move to LA from other places think they have to act a certain aloof sort of way to fit in and it’s really annoying. You’ll find that if you meet native Californians we’re pretty damn friendly, so stop trying to be somebody you’re not.

YAEL: You tried out for Playboy and earned the title Miss September 2004, what was it like posing nude and what was it like receiving that phone call or letter?

SCARLETT: I met a friend of the editor while having my hair done at a salon. It was completely random. I wasn’t someone who dreamed of being in Playboy. When it all happened I was as shocked as anybody. I tested and waited to hear back. I never thought I’d actually get it so when I got the call it was surreal. I was really excited. You never know where life will take you…

YAEL: Was your family supportive in your decision to pose for Playboy?

SCARLETT: I’ve been modeling and acting since the age of twelve so my family were used to seeing me in things but the naked part was a little awkward. My Dad had a really good attitude about it. He just said, “keep it as classy as possible.” My mom, dad and brother were all extremely supportive and proud of me, as they always have been. In fact, it was my brother who encouraged me to go for the test shoot when I had my doubts. He didn’t want me to have any regrets about not trying to do it.

YAEL: Do you have any regrets?

SCARLETT: I think we all analyze the past a bit and think what if I did this or that differently but at the end of the day it is what it is and you can’t change anything so I don’t waste my time. Playboy was an amazing experience and I’m so grateful for it. At the same time, I hope to do other things with my life as well.

YAEL: What was your most memorable moment as Playmate?

SCARLETT: Meeting Hef. It was a real dream-like moment. We sat and had a drink and he asked me about myself. I like that Hef takes the time to do that. Hef has always been a true gentleman to me and I have only the kindest things to say about him. There’s something to be learned from that boys, you don’t have to act like a jerk to get the girls.

YAEL: Do you have any pets?

SCARLETT: Yes, a dog I adopted from a no-kill shelter in Santa Barbara called DAWG (www.sbdawg.org). We think he’s a doxle (dachshund/beagle). His name is Dexter… I’m a fan of the show.

YAEL: Scarlett is a beautiful name… did your parents give you that name based on your gorgeous auburn hair color?

SCARLETT: My mom’s favorite movie was Gone with the Wind so when she and my dad first laid eyes on me with my fiery hair (and it was super fiery when I was born) there was no question what my name would be. I can’t imagine myself as anything else, I’m a Scarlett through and through.

YAEL: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SCARLETT: To be honest I don’t really think about it a lot. I don’t like to plan things out too much because you never know where life will take you. I suppose I hope in ten years I’ll be settled into a nice home, instead of an apartment, and have a couple of kids and a little business of my own. I might consider making the transition from model to photographer. I love looking at beautiful women so it would be a fun job to shoot them for a living. I want to see the world so I hope I’m traveling too.

YAEL: Hot! Yeah I think my dream job would be Playboy Magazine photographer like the famous Arny Freytag or Stephen Wayda. Any unique hobbies or interesting facts we should know? 

SCARLETT: I volunteer at a no-kill dog shelter called DAWG in Santa Barbara (http://www.sbdawg.org/). I love working out. I run and I’m currently on a Zumba kick. I also love going to the movies so I go every Friday religiously. Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood is my favorite because it’s a classy joint. People shut up, turn their cellphones off and watch the movie.

YAEL: Do you watch sports? If so, what is your favorite team?

SCARLETT: I support Liverpool FC. Soccer was the only sport I played as a kid. I can get into any sport if I’m physically there at a stadium watching it. I enjoy the whole experience.

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