Teens Hate Condoms [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yesterday (2/16), MTV Clutch released an infographic detailing the alarming trend of teens gettin’ preggers and catchin’ STDs. Thanks to MTV’s shows like Teen Mom and “16 and Pregnant”, I don’t really see that trend going away. Chicks see that sh*t and all they see is fame and fortune. Why work your way through school and get a good job when you can’t just let Taylor raw dog you a couple hundred times? I’m actually surprised the numbers aren’t higher. I was on a college campus tour and tried to hand out buckets of FREE condoms and kids were like, “F that ‘ish. Rubbers are for the birds”. Me? I carried economy packs of domes from Costco. I don’t want my d*ck to fall off.

SOURCE: Public Health Degree

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