AVN’s Best New Starlet Brooklyn Lee Is Voracious [38 PHOTOS]

See Brooklyn Lee’s twitpic with Bill Clinton here!

Brooklyn Lee is a fantastic girl and being that she just won Best New Starlet at the 2012 AVN Awards, we here at COED figured you guys would want to know a little more about her. I got in contact with her, and for a whole day, Brooklyn and I texted back and forth. It was nothing short of magical; people tweeted their questions and I thought up a bunch more. She was also kind enough to send us some photos (no, not those kind) so make sure to check out both below.

COED: How did you initially get into the adult film industry?

Brooklyn: I answered an ad for babysitting and when I got there, the guy whipped out his d*ck and a camera. I really needed the job, so…

COED: Well, it seems to have worked out well for you. Is your real name Brooklyn?

Brooklyn: Lol obviously not. Who names their kid Brooklyn?

COED: I have a friend named Brooklyn… What’s your real name?

Brooklyn: Hahaha of course I’m not gonna tell you that, silly.

COED: Hey it’s my job to ask.

Brooklyn: No one’s ever asked me my real name before. Kinda defeats the purpose of a stage name ;)

COED: What did you want to be when you were younger?

Brooklyn: A ballerina or a veterinarian.

COED: You won Best New Starlet at the AVN awards this year, but you got to stand on the red carpet and interview a ton of coworkers. How was that?

Brooklyn: It was awesome. I was so thrilled to win that award. You only have one shot. Still can’t believe I got it. I’m so thankful. Covering the red carpet for hot video was fun, but by that point my feet were killing me. I was a bit delirious after my hectic week. The footage is pretty amusing.

COED: I bet! Did you get a cool trophy?

Brooklyn: Not yet! I’ll be receiving five of them, sometime this year. I have absolutely no clue where I’ll put them. My apartment is so small!

COED: Who are your favorite people to work with?

Brooklyn: I actually just finished working! For boys, I love Manuel Ferrara. Andy San Dimas is my favorite girl of the moment.

COED: What makes Andy your favorite, “At the moment”?

Brooklyn: She f*cks like a dude… In a very, very good way. She’s not afraid of the pussy and really knows how to work it. I love her aggressiveness and intensity. And she’s wicked hot!

COED: Most of you are! What’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to you because of porn?

Brooklyn: I recently took a trip to Europe with legendary John Stagliano, of Evil Angel fame. We shot a vampire movie entitled “Voracious”, with some of the top performers in the industry. Including Rocco Sifreddi, Manuel Ferrara, Sandra Romain, and Lea Lexis. It was a true labor of love. We put everything we had into this project, physically and emotionally. I can’t wait for the first installment to be released on Valentine’s Day at voracious.evilangel.com.

COED: That sounds awesome. We’ll have to check that out. I can already bet it’s better than Twilight. BTW, Team Jake or Edward.

Brooklyn: Thanks! Give it a look when it comes out! Umm… How about team Lestat?

COED: Great answer. Old school vampires are cool. But Twilight kinda killed it. So, what do you do for fun?

Brooklyn: Sleep. Eat Marshmallows. Sew Buttons on sweaters.

COED: What’s your motivation to keep going in the adult industry?

Brooklyn: I don’t do anything unless I’m going to give it my all. I absolutely love this industry and the variety of opportunities it affords. I get to travel the world, and have sex with beautiful people! Why stop now when I’m having so much fun?

COED: You gotta do what makes you happy. That’s number one! What is the one thing you will not do on film?

Brooklyn: Anal creampies. Just a little too risky and unnecessary for my tastes.

COED: Is there anything about the industry you don’t like?

Brooklyn: I hate answering the question of how I got into it. EVERYONE asks! The answer is readily available on my Wikipedia page. At this point I’m so fed up. I just make sh*t up ;)

COED: So I assume that answer earlier was fake.

Brooklyn: Yup.

COED: Is it hard for you to get sexually aroused normally because of your job?

Brooklyn: Not at all. My libido rivals that of any freshman guy. I’d f*ck 3 times a day, if I could.

COED: Us too! Anyways, thanks for sharing some insight with us!

Brooklyn: It was cool chatting with you! I’ll send some pics over tomorrow ;)

If we got half as much action as Brooklyn, we could be in the Adult Film Industry too! Once again, a huge thank you to Brooklyn Lee! Follow her on Twitter at @brooklynleexxx. She’s amazing. Watch her movies and spice up your sex life [just stay away from the creampies].

Check back Bi-Weekly for another interview! Follow me on Twitter at @AdamBrezak, and tweet me your questions. I will ask as many as I can! Oh yeah, and just in case the interview wasn’t enough…. Here is a gallery for your viewing pleasure.

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