So, I Guess Kayleigh Pearson Is Hannah May Rose Now? [34 PHOTOS]

The 2003 winner of FHM’s High Street Honeys competition hasn’t really been on anyone’s radar the past few years and that’s just plain wrong. Changing names is common for models who either don’t want their provocative shoots to interfere with what they got going on in their non-bikini-flashing work environments or they’re being stalked out by some creeper. I haven’t done extensive digging here but the name change seems to out of the blue. I like the new moniker for sure but the old one wasn’t bad either. Maybe she’s setting up an altar ego to have an identity battle royale? I’m in. Someone turn that into a movie. Make sure it’s in 3D.

For more of Kayleigh / Hannah, check out her Twitter | FHM profile | Official Site (NSFW)

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