Betches Love This Video

I only just discovered the word “betch” when the first “Sh*t Girls Say” video released, but according to the College Candy chicks, it’s been around for a while. Sorry for not knowing catty sorority girl vernacular. Guess I should cross dress and infiltrate their ranks? That always turns out well. Anyway, this is a spoof of the song based off “Hello”. In it, the chick (who’s Tyler Gildin in drag) does blow and gives an HJ. I’ve always thought, man if only I had some coke then I’d be banging chicks left and right. I mean, coke = aphrodisiac, right? Do girls do coke just to feel confident? That’s why guys do it. So they can approach women and offer THEM coke because that’s what makes girls horny. Girls do it so they can have sex and not feel like a whore. I mean, did I completely miss the meaning of “coke whore”? My world has been turned upside down right now.

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Produced by Indelible Productions | Music by Nash Prince | Vocals by Bridget Davis

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