21 WTF Weatherman Fails for National Weatherman’s Day [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

Today, February 5, is National Weatherman’s Day. Not really sure why/if weathermen deserve their own day, but apparently the guy who gives days out deems it necessary for weathermen to have an entire day dedicated to their work. Granted, their job is very difficult and way over my head, but should we really be honoring a group of people who are wrong a huge majority of the time? We here at COED sure as h*ll don’t think so which is why we put together a gallery of 21 WTF weatherman FAILs. Looks like there’s a Humor Front approaching with a 100% chance of hilarity.


Weatherman Freakout


Weatherman Loses It on the Air


Weatherman with Tourette Syndrome


Weatherman Attacked by Pelican

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