5 Greatest Rematches in Sports History


Four years ago the Giants and Patriots treated us to one of the best Super Bowls in league history, filled with all the drama any sports fan could ask for:  the Patriots seeking to become the first team to finish a season 19-0; Tom Brady looking to cap off one of the best statistical seasons of all-time; Eli Manning, just months after being called an epic bust leading his team to a game winning drive late in the 4th quarter; David Tyree’s one in a million catch…And now we get to watch it all over again.  Although the vast majority of players in this year’s Super Bowl did not play in their last matchup, this rematch will go a long way in defining the legacies of Tom Brady and Eli Manning, as well as Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin.  Rematches are something every losing athlete dreams of, leaving fans with fodder to discuss for generations.  Here are 5 other rematches that will be remembered forever:

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