21 Sexiest Aussie Athletes [PHOTOS]

If there’s ever a day to give thanks to Australia for all the awesome stuff they’ve given us, January 26th would be that day. On this date in 1788, the British Royal Navy took over the eastern seaboard of what we now call Australia. After awhile, the convicts and ne’er-do-wells that England sent over turned into descendants like Sophie Monk, Holly Valance, and Abbie Cornish. This country not only produces some of the hottest women in the world, but these ladies have still kept that toughness passed down to them by their ancestors. The likes of Candice Falzon, Jessica Bratich, and Niki Gudex are all talented athletes and professional beauties. Hopefully we’ll get to ogle these Aussies (and more) in the upcoming 2012 Olympics.

(above image via Shutterstock / Matthew Cole)

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