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The 10 Awesomest International Food Festivals


There really isn’t much in this world more loved and cherished than food. This is why nearly every type of food has a festival or two celebrating people’s love of putting it inside their bodies. Many are unaware that today, January 12th, is the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men. This holiday simply celebrates pigging out like a wild man. We here at COED want to pay homage to this noble and often overlooked holiday by giving you an overview of some of the best food festivals in the world.

Most normal food fests are okay (I’m pretty sure every metropolitan area has a strawberry or other fruit-themed festival); you eat some specialty item based on what festival you’re at and then a corn dog, a funnel cake, or whatever your fried fair food of choice may be, you listen to an Eagles cover band, you may look at a few crappy craft booths if your girlfriend makes you, and then you leave. Then there are culinary events that any non-vegan (even though they have festivals for those soulless types as well) would gladly spend hours browsing and stuffing their faces at. These are where the people who are very serious about their food hang out; just look at the heated battle between Chicago and New York style pizza. Since it would be pretty sacrilegious to say which festivals are the best., we’re just going to point out which ones are on the upper echelon. Take a look at some of the best places to “eat until you hate yourself.”

COED Writer