COED’s Spring Break Fitness Program Courtesy of Men’s Fitness [WEEK 2]

Spring Break is creeping up and we are one week closer to the day you thank COED and Men’s Fitness for getting you ripped to pieces. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this program from week 1, I’ll be getting personal training from Dan Trink at one of the countries best gyms (Peak Performance in New York City) and will be sharing the wealth and knowledge with you here at COED.

So while I’m doing Men’s Fitness’ Transformassacre, I’ll be getting results in real-time and will be able to update you with how to get the right muscles to impress the ladies at Spring Break, while being strong enough to hold your own if some meat head wants to throw down. That being said, while you’re welcome to follow the Transformassacre on Men’s Fitness, this series will be my take on getting the right muscles to kick some ass and look damn good.

We’re going to break down body parts below. I recommend you dedicated one day each week to the below while giving yourself a day of rest in between each. If you really want to push it, do some form of cardio on your “off” days.



It’s no secret that chicks love abs. Whether it be a nice six-pack or a ridiculous V-cut, girls love it and that’s why the Situation gets so much ass (even in season one before he was famous). To be frank, having a six-pack isn’t as popular as it used to be – but having killer obliques will make you stand out above the juice heads who are just chomping down fat burner pills to try to look shredded.

How to get them: I know I mentioned this last week, but I can’t stress enough how important the right diet is. Most guys have a ridiculous six pack, but it’s covered with layers of fat. So rather than kill yourself doing crunches, and sit-ups – you should be focusing on getting rid of the fat while using your energy to build other muscles.

Getting rid of the fat: Last week, I broke down some food options for you that are low in carbs which is what you want to aim for. Most people get it wrong by trying to eat less fatty foods. Eating fat is great for you as long as it’s the right fat (olive oil, avocado, nut butter – heh heh) and it’s in moderation. Carbohydrates are used for energy, but what you don’t use for energy turns into junk – something you want to eliminate. Eating right, staying hydrated with water, and doing cardio are the main ingredients to getting a ripped mid-section. Following those basic three steps will have you seeing results very quickly. When it comes to cardio, hitting the treadmill; doing jumping jacks; jump rope; even playing full court basketball are all great options.


What does Tom Hardy from The Warrior, Dwight Howard, and Ronnie (Jersey Shore) have in common besides you not wanting to f*ck with them? They all have big trapezius muscles and strong shoulder muscles (deltoids). From a vanity standpoint, these muscles are important for looking (and feeling) strong while also being able to lift heavy weight (like two girls, perhaps).

How to get them: Unlike getting shredded abs, building traps and shoulders require you to work with weight. Whether you have a gym you can hit up or some rinky-dink equipment lying around your place (like a dumbbell) – you at least have something to work with.

The Workout: We’re going to ease into these muscle groups, but your go-to workout to build your traps are going to be shrugs. Your go-to workout for tearing up your shoulders are going to be a lateral raise and a shoulder press. These all sound difficult, but they’re not so bad. Aim for three sets of each and try to get 8 reps in – meaning you are lifting and putting down the weight 8 times and then resting for 60 seconds before doing the same thing again. Make sure you pick a weight that you are comfortable with and capable of doing three sets of 8 reps with. Click on the links of each exercise for instructions on how to properly execute.


Time to give everyone tickets to the gun show! Arms are tricky because if they are too big, you look like a tool – at the same time, you don’t want to look like wimp. That being said, having “strong” looking arms tends to align with having respectable size and being toned enough that people can see a deep dimple into your tricep and when you flex your bicep it looks bigger than people expected.

How to get them: The gym has a lot of machines that target these muscles very specifically.

The Workout: Whether using gym equipment or your own barbell/dumbbells, the key to getting biceps is doing curls in various different types of grips (grab the bar wide, then narrow, then neutral, etc.) – if you only have dumbbells, do standard curls, then try zottman, and hammer curls.  When it comes to triceps, you can use various equipment or weights, but to keep things simple – I recommend doing dips. Dips can be done with two chairs, a bench, a bed, or a dip bar.


You know we wouldn’t leave you hanging. Rather than leaving you with Spring Break girls this week, we’re showing you fit girls who bust their a** in the gym – something you should be making moves on to be the king of Spring Break. Once you’re done working your eyeballs, check out Men’s Fitness for the beginning of YOUR transformassacre.

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