Dubstep Has Jumped the Shark [VIDEO, AUDIO]

I know the expression “jump the shark” has even jumped the shark, but I have no other way of saying this – when dubstep is used to sell f*cking kids’ cereal and a dramatic period piece (not of the  vaginal bleeding variety) about Tuskegee airmen, that is the tipping point. Every time I see this commercial, I think about the meeting that took place between the agency that put it together and the producers and how little they believed in the film’s premise and its message. Like, who is this spot targeted to? Fans of Porter Robinson? I didn’t think there was a huge crossover between electronic music enthusiasts and history buffs. This has got to be it for dubstep, right? Vote in our poll and listen to full track below.
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Download the 4-Star Rated Star Wars “Brisksaber” Mobile App
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