14 Reasons Why Philadelphia Has The Worst Fans In Sports

GQ named Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies fans as the Worst Sports Fans in America. While you won’t find the 76ers fan base on many worst lists, the Flyers faithful aren’t too friendly either. So, with a city that’s known for its hooliganism and thuggery, it should come as no surprise that after the Winter Classic, a bunch of Flyers fan beat a Rangers fan motionless. The kicker? That Rangers fan was a Marine vet who won the Purple Heart. Awesome. Here are more reasons why they’re the worst.

[UPDATE: Philly fans are passionate, there’s no question about that. You’ve provided a bunch of valid instances of other pro sports teams’ fans acting out, however, no one has provided me with a greater number of instances. Oakland’s bad. NYC’s bad. But not to the extent of Philly’s. The city’s teams still have a fair amount of “good” fans, but the fan base has earned this reputation for the acts of a few. Sucks, but that’s the reality.

Also, I love how the fans think I’m a doctor because I went to Johns Hopkins. Talk about stereotyping. Or is that the lesson here? If so, you’re smarter than I give you credit for. Good work]

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