Lingerie Showdown: Irina Shayk in Intimissimi vs. Nina Agdal in Frederick’s of Hollywood [PHOTOS, POLL]

So, January’s always a fairly slow month – people are peeved they’re back at work and that the holidays are over. I’m sure there are eager beavers out there wailing away at their New Year’s resolutions, but for the most part, no one wants to do anything. I believe these pics of Irina Shayk in Intimissimi and Nina Agdal in Frederick’s of Hollywood are a couple weeks old – possibly from their holiday campaigns, but I haven’t seen them so they’re new to me and there’s nothing else going on. Suck it. Anyway, I just couldn’t pick one over the other. Irina Shayk is dominating the scene lately – with her shoot for Esquire UK last week but Nina’s holding her own. What you do think? Review the evidence then vote in our poll.

Irina Shayk for Intimissimi

Nina Agdal for Frederick’s of Hollywood

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