This Ghost Rider 2 He-Man Mashup Trailer Should Be The Full Movie

I have no desire to see Ghost Rider 2. I’m actually on a bit of a Nic Cage boycott after watching him f*** my eyes and ears for 2 straight hours in Drive Angry, a flick I only endured because Amber Heard refuses to let go of my loins. I get that some people love him and his outrageous antics but I’m more than a little fed up that he keeps scoring these huge f***ing paychecks to produce crap over and over again. So, when I first saw this mashup trailer from Uproxx, I thought, it can’t be any worse than anything else Cage has done in the past decade. And I was right. The moment I knew it was gold comes at the :54 mark.

SOURCES: Uproxx, YouTube

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