COED’s Spring Break Fitness Program Courtesy of Men’s Fitness

Spring Break is closer than you think. If you want to hook-up with the girl out of your league or be able to outrun the police or win that push up contest, you need to get your @ss in shape. That being said, COED teamed up with Men’s Fitness to hook you up with an 8-week transformation to get you ripped by Spring Break. Why? Because it’s all about looks. Look better than the next guy and you’ve got an in.

Each week we’ll be hooking you up with updates. Don’t be discouraged because I’ll be right there with you undergoing the transformation. MF hooked me up with one of the best trainers in the country (Dan Trink) at the accredited NYC gym, Peak Performance. All of the info I have below is what Dan has instructed me to do and I’ll be doing it along with you. Let’s get to it…


  • Make sure you are committed. If you’re ready to do this and make moves, socialize what you are doing and throw it on Facebook and Twitter. Doing so will keep you in it because you’ll know you have to deal with your friends who will bust your balls if you quit (besides, socializing it might even help you get a gym partner). Hell, maybe that hot girl who accepted your friend request will comment and want to join your cause.
  • When it comes to getting toned, dieting and eating right is hands down the most important thing. You’ll have to pass on the dominoes and easy mac, but it will be worth it in the long run – so start to clean the crappy junk food out of your stash.
  • No eating two hours before bed. I know it’s not easy, but you need to imagine those two hours before you go to sleep as a food-free zone.


The diet I’ll be following is like the paleo diet which emphasizes limited carbohydrates restricted to fruits and vegetables. What that means is that most foods will be similar to what cavemen had to eat like meat, nuts, salad, etc. The first two or three days of eating like this will suck because you will feel tired and grumpy, but after that you’ll feel better than you were before you even started this.

Almost every meal should consist of a lean protein, a vegetable/fruit, and a fat. Acceptable options could be:

  • Lean Protein: Sirloin, top round beef, lean ground beef, lean ground turkey, skinless turkey, skinless chicken.
  • Vegetables / Fruits: Salad, berries, apple, orange, any non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, string beans, asparagus)
  • Fats: Olive oil, coconut oil, natural nut butters (not skippy or Jif), avocado
  • You should be drinking water. If you need to binge when you hit the bar, go for vodka or bacardi with club soda and a lime.

A sample meal could be chicken in some mixed salad with avocado. Not a fan of chicken, swap out with some sirloin steak. Most of the above won’t break the bank – in fact, you’ll probably save money from not eating out.


Scheduling is in my opinion, the hardest part of this whole program. You will have to work out four days per week (not horrible), but you will have to time your meals every day. Each day you should be consuming five meals that are three hours apart with your first meal being within 30 minutes of waking up. Here are some sample meals that were given to me – you can mix up the order, but getting the nutrients is the key.

Meal 1: Lean protein with a handful of mixed nuts

Meal 2: Three eggs with mixed veggies

Meal 3: Large salad with lean protein and avocado

Meal 4: SNACK – apple with nut butter

Meal 5: Small salad with cooked vegetables and lean protein


I’m yet to really get my first training session for this transformation, but when I do you guys will be getting some of the details on the workout program that I’m doing. For now, really focus on the diet – it will be way harder than you think, but you need to be committed. If you really want to start making strides early, you can get into the routine of doing push-ups, squats, and getting in some quality cardio (jumping jacks, jogging, shadowboxing).


Need an incentive to put in all of this hard work? Here’s a gallery of sexy Spring Breakers in bikinis – thanks to COED fans, conFITdent, and South Padre. Once you’re done ogling the hotties, head over to Men’s Fitness for the full rundown.

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