An Inside Look At Playboy’s New Year’s Eve Party in Chicago [PHOTOS]


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Last year (3 days ago), we told you about the Playboy New Year’s Eve party that one of our writers Adam (and Playboy Campus Representative at Southern Illinois University) was invited to in Chicago. This is his story about celebrating the biggest night of the year with Summer Altice, and Baby Bash.]

The day of Dec. 31st, 2011 started off pretty lazily. Woke up at 2:30, in the city by 4. Tyler Cole, who is the Playboy Campus Rep for Auburn University, joined me for this crazy night. By the time I woke up the next morning, I had to backtrack and figure out exactly what happened.

4:30pm – Chik-fil-A Bowl: Auburn vs. Virginia at Messner’s Wrigleyville

Sitting at Messner’s with Tyler and our friend Dan, we’re casually waiting for the bowl game to start. When it came time to flip the channel, however, the manager told us we had to leave because they would be closing to prepare for New Year’s Eve. Messner’s was an Auburn bar, so that obviously wasn’t happening. Once we told the manager that we were just there for the game and had only planned on pregaming at his establishment for the Playboy Party, we were taken out the back… And then through another door, up some stairs, and then through another door into a completely private upstairs bar. It was filled with wild old Auburn Fans and Alumni. This was the way that a New Years Eve pre-game should be spent.

8:00pm – Red Line Train from Wrigleyville to The Hilton

After leaving Messner’s (a block away from Wrigley Field) we hopped on the Red Line. The “L” will always hold a special place in my heart – nowhere else on the planet will you see such a variety of people, especially on New Year’s Eve. When we stepped off the L there was already an aura in the air that something great was coming. We turned the corner only to see lines and lines of beautifully dressed people rocking the sidewalks of Michigan Ave.

9:00pm – The Party

Coats: Checked.

Over 21 VIP Wristbands: Got ‘em!

Escalator up to the party: Most exciting 15 seconds ever.

After negotiating the line of about 3,000 people and getting into the hotel pretty easily, Tyler and I were on the escalator upstairs to the ballrooms. I could already hear music and see the glow of blue and red lights. Crowds talked, moved and did everything they could to try and get a drink from one of the many mini-bars scattered about. Tyler and I decided to check out VIP before we doing anything else. I was handed $500 dollars in fake money by the fabulous Ashley Mattingly and Amanda Cerny and was told that all the gambling would be benefitting charity. I grabbed a Jack and Coke and headed right to the Roulette table.

Playmates Ashley Mattingly (left) and Amanda Cerny (right)

40,000 dollars in chips later, we found out that for every 1,000 worth of chips got us one raffle ticket. As the proud owner of 40 tickets, I figured that I had earned the right to grab some gourmet food (something that no swanky party should be without). The theme was Mandarin and the selection was great: pot stickers, Crab Rangoon, grilled chicken and Beef. I wasn’t at the party to eat though, so I took what I could quickly.

The night flowed just like any other party I had ever been to. I felt comfortable, the music complimented the scene, and everyone was in a wonderfully good mood. Summer Altice was about to go onstage, so I knew it was time to throw on some dancing shoes and cut a rug. HA! I’m not the best dancer, but I did enjoy her set. Actually, after she was done, Summer graciously let me grab a few words as she was running upstairs for other engagements.

Summer Altice

COED: Summer! The set was amazing! How’s the rest of your night going?

Summer: It’s great! Always fun to be with friends and the Playboy family to bring in the New Year.

COED: Black for your bunny costume color tonight, your choice?

Summer: Black is classy, of course I picked the color!

COED: What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Summer: More amazing opportunities, meeting new people, and having a blast! Hey, this is my elevator, I have to run!

Just as quickly as she got offstage and started walking, she was in an elevator going to get changed. And just as quickly as our interview went by, so did my drink! I grabbed another Jack and Coke, and headed to the main floor to enjoy the countdown with about almost 4,000 more people! The New Year was about to start.


Alison Waite with Adam (left) and Tyler (right)

Confetti poured from the sky, people cheered, clicked drinks, kissed loved ones! Everything was everything. As Baby Bash took the stage, the crowd welcomed him with even more cheering, and as his hit single “Suga Suga” came on, the crowd just went into ultimate party mode for the next two hours.

We decided at this point that we should get the backdrop photo. Anytime you go somewhere, and they have a backdrop area for photos, you are almost required to grab one! We waited in line, and when it was our turn, I high-fived Alison Waite. “Gotta love working on New Years!” She smiled and said we must have great jobs.

We do. We really do.

Thanks to my boss at Playboy, Steve Mazeika, for hooking me up with the tickets! For everyone else, Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, @AdamBrezak. I go to a lot of events, shows, and functions, and live tweet them all! Where should I go next in 2012? You decide!

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