Jared Allen Sacks Record, Ryans Have No Cruz Control, Akers Is a Faker [NFL WEEK 17]

In this final regular season edition of NFL Upon Further Review, a Texan makes a tackle without his helmet, Chris Kuper’s ankle bends in a way not normally possible, Green Bay’s Pat Lee records a safety on a kick return, more NFL players flopping, Jared Allen breaks the Vikings sack record, Victor Cruz burns another Ryan brother, David Akers fake FG frustrates the Rams, Jimmy Graham’s  one handed catch is eye-catching, Oakland fans drop a F-bombs on Chargers, and an NFL Cheerleader shakes it in slow motion. Check out all the highlights along with our preview of Wild Card Weekend.

Safety on a Kickoff Return?

In one of the more bizarre moments of this season, Green Bay’s kick returner Pat Lee pulled off one of the rarest things to do in NFL history. For whatever reason, Lee crossed the plane of the end zone to get the ball and then brought it back to kneel down for what he thought would be a touchback. After the play, the officials huddled and ruled the play as a safety.

Yeah, Chris Kuper’s Ankle Isn’t Supposed To Bend That Way

One of the more gruesome injuries of this 2011 NFL season came during the Broncos loss to the Kansas City as Denver o-lineman Chris Kuper’s left ankle decided to bend in a way that I didn’t think was humanly possible. After the game, Kuper was diagnosed with a broken tibia and broken left ankle. His season’s done.

Texans Rookie Doesn’t Need Helmet To Make Tackle

When most NFL players make vicious hits, they are usually wearing their helmets to accomplish them. That’s not so in the case of Texans rookie Bryan Braman who make this vicious hit on special teams without one.

Matthew Stafford and Drayton Florence, Latest NFL Floppers

There appears to be an epidemic of NFL players flopping after barely getting hit to try to draw flags from officials. We can add two new names to the list: Detroit’s Matthew Stafford and Buffalo’s Drayton Florence:

Minnesota’s Jared Allen Breaks Vikings Sack Record

One of the bright spots in a rather dismal season for the Vikings was Jared Allen chasing after the single-season sack record. Sadly, he fell half-a-sack short of Michael Strahan’s number but was able to break the team record held by Chris Doleman with this take down of Josh McCown.

Everything Looks Better In Slow Motion

Normally, the slow-motion cut-away that NFL broadcasters use for commercial breaks are of fans or players making plays. So, when FOX decided to use slow motion on a St. Louis Rams cheerleader, viewers put their bathroom / kitchen plans on hold.

Oakland Fans Stay Classy Towards San Diego

Akers Fake FG FTW

Jimmy Graham’s One Handed Snag

Cruz Burns The Other Ryan Brother

NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview

As the NFL moves into the Wild Card round of the playoffs, we present to you some quickie previews and predictions for the games played in the upcoming weekend:

Wild Card Saturday

AFC: #6 Cincinnati Bengals at #3 Houston Texans:

The Bengals will travel to Houston to face a Texans team that I can’t seem to figure out. These are two of the biggest surprises in the playoffs. The match-up will feature a duel between rookie QBs Andy Dalton and TJ Yates. The Bengals D will have to stop the tandem of Arian Foster and Ben Tate to keep this game close. It’ll come down to the wire but take the Texans to win their first ever playoff game.

Prediction: Texans 20 – Bengals 10

NFC: #6 Detroit Lions at #3 New Orleans Saints

As the Lions make their first trip to the playoffs in more than ten seasons, they have the unfortunate task of taking on the Saints. When these two squads faced off back in week 13 the Lions’ dumb penalties cost them a chance at the upset. The Saints haven’t lost at the dome this season where Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s single season record for passing yards. I expect the Saints to roll here and Detroit to regret losing to Matt Flynn in the last regular season game.

Prediction: Saints 38 – Lions 19

Wild Card Sunday

NFC: #5 Atlanta Falcons at #4 New York Giants

The Giants were the last team to punch their ticket to the playoffs with a Sunday night win against the Cowboys to win the NFC East. If their pass rush can confuse Matt Ryan and Eli Manning can play like he did against America’s Team, the G-men might be a dangerous team in the divisional round. For the Falcons, keep an eye on the rushing attack of Michael Turner / Jason Snelling /and Jacquizz Rodgers to raise some havoc against the Giants rush defense. This game is a toss-up but I’ll take Big Blue to move onto the next round.

Prediction: Giants 28 – Falcons 20

AFC: #5 Pittsburgh Steelers at #4 Denver Broncos

The NFL gods got their wish as Tim Tebow and the Broncos will host the Steelers in the Mile High City in the first round. The Broncos finished the season on a three game losing streak and Tim Tebow’s magic appears to have worn off. The Steelers are limping into the playoffs with injuries to Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall, Troy Polamalu and the possibility of safety Ryan Clark inability to play in Denver due to the altitude. For the Broncos faithful, they couldn’t ask for a better first round match-up and if they can put up any significant amount of points against the tough Pittsburgh D, Tebow magic might return for a playoff run.

Prediction: Broncos 16 Steelers 10

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