Bikini Barista Showdown: Foxy Lady vs. Knotty Bodies [PHOTOS, POLL]

I’m probably the horniest man alive but even I have my limits. I’m only a man. For some reason, when I first read about bikini barista coffee shops, I thought come on that’s just overkill. I mean if I’m getting coffee in the first place, I’m probably tired as balls and would be too cranky / sleepy to appreciate the sheer ferocity of T&A thrown my way. But then I remembered that I once went to a topless diner in Montreal and realized my libido knows no bounds. The story here is the owner of Foxy Lady Latte is suing one of its bikini baristas – Ana Solivan – for breach of contract because she worked at competitor, Knotty Bodies. Turns out, Playboy Employee of the Month (and Special Editions model) Amber Jay, who I worked with at CollegeFest in Boston, used to work at Knotty Bodies. This is what it’s like when worlds collide. Anyway, we’ve got pics of each shop’s hotties below – but we need you to vote to determine who’s got the sexier servers.

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For more of Foxy Lady, check out their Facebook | Official Site.

For more of Knotty Bodies, check out their MySpaceTwitter

SOURCES: Playboy (NSFW), MyNorthwest, Fark, The Job Mouse

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