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Katy Perry’s Divorce Rings in the New Year [96 PHOTOS]


According to TMZ and the Associated Press, one of our editors is getting a late Christmas present because Katy Perry is going to be celebrating her New Year’s Eve alone! That’s right, comedian-who’s-convinced himself-that-he’s-actually-a-rock-and-roller Russell Brand filed for divorce on Friday, December 30th. Why Russell would want to divorce the woman who’s graced our Best Natural Breasts and Women Who Wow’d is anyone’s guess, but we’re busy trying to figure out where she’s going to be at midnight tomorrow. Katy, I know a very single, very disease free gentleman who’s interested. Tweet me. For a lady’s perspective on all this, check out what CollegeCandy’s saying.

Check out Katy’s colossal cleavage below!

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