University of Tokyo Produces World’s Biggest Kit Kat Bar [PHOTO]

Gimme a break. From Shortlist via Fark comes this story about University of Tokyo students who have made an 80kg Kit Kat bar measuring 100 x 60 x 20cm. According to the Shortlist report, the chocolate monster is supposed to get high school students to prepare for upcoming exams. By taking breaks? Makes sense, I guess. The article also goes on to state, “Kit Kat is considered a lucky food in Japan as it is pronounced ‘kitto katsu’…which means “I surely win”. Yes, this has win written all over it. But, seeing as I’m a debased American, I look at that giant wafery wunderbar and see a high school rainbow party breaking out. The only test you’ll be taking is for HIV/AIDS. Anyway, check out our lists of record-breaking foods below.

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