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6 of the Most Epic Weed Strains of All-Time


Since cannabis is illegal in most places and since so many people have taken to breeding new strains without any cooperation with one another, it’s hard to determine the exact origins of strains. Let’s also not forget the lack of reliability of sources since there is no official trademark when it comes to weed. The most official way that strains are catalogued is by seed companies and growers, as well as medical dispensaries. Even amongst the most official sources, strains that have the same name are not always the same. There is very little uniformity in the marijuana world compared to other products. That said, there are several strains that have made an impact on marijuana culture and society in general. They may not be the most potent strains, since there are better varieties being produced every day, but they will go down in the books as legendary. Check out which strains made the cut below.

COED Writer