This 2 Year Old Is Actually Better Than 99% of Professional Rappers [VIDEO]


When I look at the Who’s Who of people making it famous as rappers, I see dudes like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Childish Gambino. Yawn. Those guys aren’t even rapping, they’re just talking to a beat. When I see this kid, though and I’m actually amazed because he has actual flow. This two-year is on a whole other level than you guys, that’s why you can’t understand him. Here’s a translation:

“I can do what whatever. I just did and do whatever a N*gga dare me. I can do it in the evening I can even do a n*ggas darlin. And if you got it then do it. – Cut – I can I can I can I can own ya, why you why you think that you can own this thing?”

2011 Movies Supercut [VIDEO]
2011 Movies Supercut [VIDEO]
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