Stevie’s Plaxico Impression, Witten Takes Down A Cheerleader, Novak’s Pissed [NFL WEEK 12]

In this week’s edition of NFL Upon Further Review, Stevie Johnson shoots himself in the leg for a celebration, Ndamukong Suh’s a big fan of Stomp, the Cowboys hate sweeties that tweet, the Titans reverse a kickoff return, punt returns were in supply for the Rams & Cards, Nick Novak relieves himself on the sidelines, and Jerome Simpson performs a flop that would make soccer players proud. Check out the week’s top highlights (and lowlights) then read our preview of tonight’s MNF contest between the Giants and Saints.

Ndamukong Suh Will Stomp You Out

The man whose peers voted the dirtiest player in the NFL showed why in the Thanksgiving game against the Packers when he shoved Evan Dietrich-Smith’s head into the turf several times before stomping on the O-lineman as he got up.

Jason Witten Tackles a Cheerleader, Cowboys Tackle Her Twitter

After making a nice grab, the 6’5″ 265 lb tight end grabbed him some hot cheerleader as he went to the ground. Witten’s victim, Melissa Kellerman, was unharmed but the team forced her to shut down her Twitter after she tweeted about the incident.

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico With TD Dance

In one of the more creative TD celebrations of the season, Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson caught a touchdown pass against the New York Jets in the second quarter of the Bills eventual loss. After the reception, Stevie decided to perform a touchdown celebration where he pretended to shoot himself in the leg a la Jets receiver Plaxico Burress back in 2008 in a New York nightclub:

Titans Reverse A Kick-Off

Remember when you played Madden and scored on the reverse kick-off return? Well, the Titans decided to pull that out of their bag of tricks as Tennessee’s Tommie Campbell took it the distance against the Bucs:

Punt Returns A Plenty In St. Louis

When the Rams and Cardinals did battle at Edward Jones Dome, punt return touchdowns seemed to come in bunches. First, St. Louis punt returner Nick Miller returns a punt for 88 yard score:

Then, Arizona’s Patrick Peterson took one to the house for his fourth punt return of the season, tying an NFL record:

Jerome Simpson Deserves An Oscar

For those of you looking for an NFL Oscar-worthy performance, check out Cincinnati wide receiver Jerome Simpson who decided to add a little bit of acting to draw a penalty against the Browns. As Simpson tries to pull a Browns player out of the pile after an Andy Dalton fumble, he’s pushed by Cleveland’s Scott Fujita and decides to flop rather noticeably, which causes the official to throw a flag:

Nick Novak’s “Pissed”

For Chargers kicker Nick Novak, he was the unfortunate victim of a camera catching him in the act of urinating in public. As the Chargers were driving for the game winning field goal against the Broncos, cameras panned over to see Novak getting ready for the field goal. What they ended up seeing was Novak taking a bathroom break:

Monday Night Preview:

New York Giants at New Orleans Saints

For week twelve of Monday Night Football, we have a battle of NFC teams vying for playoff position in the Saints and the Giants. The Giants are looking to bounce back after their devastating loss to division rival Philadelphia and with a victory, tie for the NFC East lead with the Cowboys. For the Saints, they will look to keep their lead in the NFC South as they bring the NFL’s second-ranked scoring offense back to the Big Easy where the Saints are undefeated.

The game will feature two of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League in New York’s Eli Manning and New Orleans Drew Brees. The last time both of these teams played was back in 2009, when the Saints won by the score of 48-27 en route to the Super Bowl. I expect the same victor for this game but the New Orleans offense will not be the reason why they win. The much-maligned Saints defense will prevent Eli Manning from having a big game and the Saints will march to a 8-3 record.

Prediction: New York Giants 18, New Orleans Saints 24

Coed Record So Far: 6-2

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